A Quick View on Cybercrime Statistics

Cyber Crime is at its peak. Checkout the infographic for the cybercrime statistics and tips on how to prevent yourself from being a victim!



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Taha Chatriwala

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3 Responses

  1. Annonymous says:

    What is your most favourite cyber attack that you wish you would have been smart enough to invent?

    • Taha Chatriwala says:

      Hii Annonymous,
      That’s quite an interesting question. So to think of, my favourite technique has to be Social Engineering. The actual technique is to psychologically manipulate people into performing actions or to gather information related to them so as to take advantage of it but nowadays most of the people themselves willingly offer these information by sharing all their day to day activities on social media. Thus, making Social Media a hunting ground for hackers.

    • Taha Chatriwala says:

      Also coming to the second part of your question, I wish I get smart enough to develop some sort of product to tackle Cyber-attacks. ( maybe AI or maybe find a way decrypt the files infected by ransomewares)

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